Soluções Ambientais de Araçatuba S.A.










Responsible for the public services of Water Supply and Sanitary Sewage of the City of Araçatuba (SP), serving a population of approximately 220 thousand inhabitants.


Operating three water treatment plants with an average production of 1.9 billion liters per month, SAMAR was the first non-riverine city to catchment, treat and distribute water from the Tietê River for public supply.


SAMAR's investments seek to expand and improve the services provided to the population, which include, among other efforts, building 41 km of water distribution networks and 42 km of sewage collection networks, as well as water loss control, operation and maintenance in pumps and treatment plants.



SAMAR treats 100% of the sewage that is collected in the city, through a treatment plant with activated sludge system removing 95% of the organic matter present in the sewage. A small portion is treated through stabilization ponds, which guarantees the inhabitants a healthy environment  and quality of life.



Environmental Awareness and Consciousness


SAMAR engages with the community for the purpose of raising public awareness regarding water and the environment. Through Friends of the Environment, a permanent nursery for planting seedlings, the company reforests areas in the city engaging the community in activities that seek to improve the quality of life. The Company also provides oil collection containers which allow it to go to its proper destination. Oil is harmful to sewage pipes as they cause damage and clogs in pipes, preventing oxygenation of water bodies.


Held annually, the SAMAR Drawing Contest, aims to encourage and value academic enrichment in the day to day school environment. It calls for drawings from students aged between 6 and 10 years on the theme: "Basic Sanitation, Right of All", the company rewards students with the best works presented.