Concessions and participations


Modeling of Concessions and Participations Public Private


Through its 20-year history in Brazil as an investor and operator of public water supply and sewage services, GS Inima Brasil's team of professionals acquired extensive experience in the modeling of concessions and Public Private Partnerships relating to technical, economic/financial, and legal-compliance aspects.


The primary form in which GS Inima Brasil offers to the Public Sector - City Halls and State Sanitation Companies - this expertise in the development of models is through Proposals Manifesting Interest (PMIs).


In carrying out studies resulting from the PMIs, GS Inima Brasil adds value by, whenever necessary and opportune, engaging renowned law firms and specialized financial advisors to elaborate the necessary feasibility studies.

Prior to the PMI phase, GS Inima Brasil typically performs preliminary studies of potential concessions and Public Private Partnership projects so that the Public Sector can count on a pre-feasibility analysis of the projects, being able to evaluate the feasibility of modeling this type of solution for those public sanitation services.