GS Inima Environment



Established in Spain in 1955, the GS Inima Environment has broad technological capabilities in the entire water cycle, from catchment to purification, from treatment to the final destination of sewage and sludge generated, treatment of urban and industrial waste water, tertiary treatment of waste water and cogeneration.


GS Inima Environment occupies a leading position in the world in projects relating to water and sewage, operating the largest number of plants overseas under concession, with stations in operation in Chile, Brazil, Mexico, United States, Portugal and Algeria, demonstrating a strong presence in international business activities. GS Inima Environment occupies the first position worldwide, with more than three hundred plants built with capacity of 200,000 m³/day or larger in the entire the water cycle.


GS Inima Environment is among the most important companies specialized in desalination in the world and it is the pioneer of the world's first desalination plant. Are more than 26 plants with a treatment capacity exceeding 930,000 m³/day.


GS Inima Environment has experience and references in all types of contracts related to water and sewage, studies and projects such as: turnkey, B.O.O. (Build, Own and Operate); B.O.T. (Build, Operate and Transfer); B.O.O.T. (Build, Own, Operate and Transfer); O.M. (Operation and Maintenance). To belong to GS E&C, a company with a solid financial structure, allows GS Inima to be in a advantageous position to advance in the development of new businesses relating to the environment.


GS E&C has a consolidated experience in waste-to-energy incineration, sector which GS E&C has established and operates about 30 plants of different technologies and capacities, translates into the opportunity to develop these services where GS Inima Environment is present, offering environmentally appropriate alternatives available to such waste in landfills.