GS Inima Brasil


The role of private companies in sanitation services in Brazil began in 1995, with concessions made by the municipalities of Limeira and Ribeirão Preto. The growth of this type of partnership occurred primarily after the enactment, in 2007, of Federal Law No. 11,445, known as the Regulatory Framework for Sanitation. The measure created a pathway for the growth of the number of concessions, now in force in over 300 municipalities.


GS Inima Brasil acts as a construction company and holding company, structured to ensure the operational continuity and performance of the controlled concessionary companies (SPE's), as well as to compete in, get awarded and establish new concessions and public private partnerships, either by itself or in consortium with other companies.


It acts in sanitation projects, from its conception and construction to its operation and maintenance in public and private markets. In addition to the Brazilian portfolio, in partnership with the South Korean unit GS E&C, GS Inima Brasil starts to develop projects of Incineration of Waste, as a form of energy generation friendly to the Environment.


Currently GS Inima Brasil controls the following SPCs: