Environmental Services of Ribeirão Preto



Responsible for the treatment and final destination of sanitary sewage public services in the city of Ribeirão Preto, which currently has approximately 650,000 inhabitants. Beyond the construction and operation of two sewage treatment plants, its investments, which amount to R$ 170 million, include the construction of 72 km of sewage interceptor networks and two lifting stations.


The sewage treatment plant (ETE) Ribeirão Preto, serves 86% of the city’s treated sewage, and it has activated sludge technology with aeration by membrane diffusers and aerobic digestion system of high-load sludge, obtaining 96% efficiency in the Removal of organic matter.


In 2011, Ribeirão Preto ETE was the first in the country to implement the system of electric power generation from the biogas produced in the treatment process. This generates about 15,000 kW / h per day, which enables the ETE to achieve an energy (self-sufficiency / sufficiency) of around 60%.


Caiçara sewage treatment plant (ETE) serves the remaining 14% of treated sewage in the city and has an activated sludge technology with prolonged aeration, obtaining a 96% efficiency in the removal of organic matter.


Ribeirão Preto was the first city with more than 500 thousand inhabitants to reach the mark of 98% of treated sewage, today 130,000,000 liters of sewageare treated per day, reflecting quality of life for the population, lower public health spending and environmental protection.





The socio-environmental education program focuses on awareness for public and private students in the city. Created in 2005, the project allows students to visit sewage treatment facilities and addresses benefits provided to the city, as well as other environmental issues. Through weekly and monitored visits, more than 70 thousand students have been served.