Group GS

The GS Group is South Korea's fifth largest conglomerate in terms of total per group revenue. It has 76 national subsidiaries, of which 8 are publicly traded (including GS E&C) and a global network of 68 foreign subsidiaries.


The GS Group expands both organically and through acquisitions. It is currently operates business areas as follow: Petroleum, engineering and construction, retail,  energy, cement, steel, with revenues upward of US$ 100 billion, making up an important group of companies from which the following stand out:


• GS Caltex (Refining and Distribution of Petroleum);

• GS E & C (Engineering and Construction);

• GS Retail (Supermarkets and Convenience Stores);

• GS Shop (Online Sales, E-commerce);

• GS EPS (Electric Power Plants);

• GS E & R (Renewable Energy);

• GS Global (Cement, Energy and Steel);

• GS Sports (FC Seoul).


GS E&C is the largest South Korean engineering and construction company in terms of order numbers. In 2015, GS E&C’s total revenue was $9.40 billion, which were invested with a specific focus on power plants, the environment, housing, architecture and civil engineering areas.


GS E&C currently has 11 subsidiaries and 22 affiliate operations abroad, covering 20 countries in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and the Americas, acting strategically with a focus on environmental areas. The company will become an even stronger force in the future.

For its contributions to social well-being, education, culture, the environment and workplace safety, GS E&C received the Forbes Corporate Responsibility Award.